Internet/Intranet Software:

Personal Search Engine - a tool for fast access to information. A new way of easy publishing and fast browsing.

TextBanner - Java applet. TextBanner allowes you to display scrolling text and images all in one. You can select different text scrolling speed, as well as color,  style, size, font, ascent and shade for each character in your text. You have an ability to fade images which belong to one banner or fade images from different banners.

SignPad SignPad is a Java Applet & Servlet to provide support for e-signature. Use mouse (or pen device) to sign and click "Send Signature".

Multi-X Engine - Java servlet toolkit (MXE). Using MXE you can create powerful transformer for multi XSL transformations. Just with few lines of Java code you will have a servlet supported by all the power of Apache's Xalan XSL transformer. In addition you will have diagnostic tools, caching, support for Java extensions and an ability to make multi XSL transformations. For more information about multi XSL transformations click here

XMLLight - Java API for simplified XML processing. Size of jar file less then 10Kb. XML file is processed as a string of characters without use of DOM or SAX model. Fast and easy to use. Excellent choice for Java Applets or distributed applications. Has limitations: XML file should not have recursive nodes (what usually is not a problem). Part of this API used in Java TextBanner.



Free Java Spell Checker - Suggester Spell Check is a 100% pure Java library to provide local spell checking service. It is free library to use with precompiled dictionaries. Suggester Spell Check uses Basic Suggester Engine as a spellchecker.

Russian Keyboard (Cyrillic font generator) with Russian spell checking. HTML javascript font convertor, you can type cyrillic without installing the fonts. Spellcheck works in Microsoft Internet Explorer only. Uses fonts loaded in the browser.

To install:

  • No installation required. Click on the link to open HTML page.

Virtual Keyboard for Mobile - The Virtual Keyboard was developed for Apple iPad, but it also can be used with other compatible devices. This keyboard has the same layout like standard physical keyboard and is an experimental service from our Labs. It does not replace standard keyboard, but you can search for entered text on major Search Engines, News, Directories, Video Streaming Sites, Entertainment and other sites. The Virtual Keyboard provides you with word suggestions and spell checking service.

Clipboard Typist - a utility for Microsoft Windows 95/98, 2000 or NT  to paste the text from clipboard even if the program does not support this feature. Useful tool for MS DOS window, Java applications, some Terminal emulators, etc.

To install:

  • Download file and save it on hard drive.
  • Unpack file.
  • Start Cbt.exe program and click Ok button - it works under background.
  • Copy some text to Clipboard.
  • Press Ctrl/F12 to paste the text. The utility emulates keyboard typing, so make Caps Lock key off.

Array based Primitives Java Library - Array based Primitives Java Library is a simple implementation of growing array of Java primitives, which has similar functionality to Java ArrayList.